January 8, 2018

When creativity is your specialty such as with us at Limitless Digital Ltd, you have to constantly think outside of the box. This means taking the extra time to prepare copy, graphics and design to match the desires of our clients. Keeping track of workload is essential as is properly deadlining work.

So, what is the Creative Contingency?

As one of the UK’s leading digital marketing teams, we are constantly creating content. In-between working with our clients, each of our specialist team members writes articles on our website and for publication on LinkedIn in their professional field. We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence and commit to a minimum number of articles posted each week and we hate to repeat ourselves.

That’s where our company Creative Contingency policy comes into play. Spearheaded by our talented creative director, this is our fallback plan, our strategic master ploy that ensures content is delivered to our internal schedule and kept relevant.

We understand that the world of digital marketing, as part of the online marketing field can move quickly and sometimes at seemingly overwhelming which require the whole team to run at full throttle working with clients.

This leaves no time for writing blogs and articles, which poses a problem for a regular posting schedule. The solution? Our Creative Contingency policy. We write several articles and blogs in advance, as well as other creative content so that during heavier periods of work we can still post fresh, engaging creative content. Our Creative Director also encourages creative team members to spend time both at and away from work on personal development, staying current on developments in their specialist industries.

What are the benefits of having a Creative Contingency policy?

Less stress. With this policy in place, our creative team has a lot more time to spend on writing quality content that they enjoy working on in their specialist fields when they are finished creating for our clients.

More productivity. With less focus on ‘meeting the internal deadlines’ and more creative freedom allowed by the safety net of scheduled content, our team has been able to expand and take on more work.

Regular engagement. With a routine posting of creative content, we are seeing a higher level of engagement with our website and LinkedIn posts. This helps to increase our brand visibility and promote the company as we grow.

Staying Relevant.  As part of our Creative Contingency policy, creative team members are encouraged to spend time staying up to date on the latest developments in their specialized fields. This allows us to stay current; keeping up with the twists and turns of the various industry professions involved in the online marketing realm can be a full-time job by its own right!

As a professional online marketing agency, we value creativity and feel strongly that it is important to keep creativity as part of your company atmosphere. We encourage our team to better themselves and grow together and adopting a Creative Contingency policy has helped our team to build up on existing strengths. Perhaps you could do the same at your company?

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