By now it should be apparent that in the digital marketing world one thing stands head and shoulders above all as the number one priority, your audience, your audience can mean the difference between taking off on social media and gaining thousands of shares, or being left in the doldrums of social media where you gain no engagement whatsoever. So, you need to know how to engage with your audience and get them interested in your company, so with that said I will now take you through five tips on how to gain engagement with your target audience.
The first tip is also one of the most obvious and that is timing when you post, always remember to check when your audience is online and try to post relevant quality tweets around that time. I am not saying you must only post at that specific time, as a percentage of your audience will be on at other times through the day, but always aim to have at least one post go out when a high percentage of your audience is online, this is simply because it gives you a higher chance at gaining engagement.
My next tip is to post content that will resonate with your audience, you must, therefore, become skilled at being able to engage in conversation with your audience over any topic they ask or talk about. This is simply because you want to show your audience that they are your main priority, if they don’t believe they are they aren’t going to want to message or ask you about a product or service if you show them you will respond then they will engage more. This will, therefore, lead to them potentially wanting to buy from you more often.
The next tip to you is to focus on Facebook. Facebook is where consumers tend to spend most of their time online. The first reason is because Facebook is the premium player among all web properties in terms of time spent – and that will mean engagement. Second, when compared with other social media platforms, Facebook has achieved an even more impressive percentage of mindshare. Facebook can capture 14.6% of internet users’ time compared to a combined 2% for every other social networking sites. To further this Facebook can keep the average user onsite for 7 hours each month.
My next tip is to take video seriously, people are watching increasing numbers of video online. This number has jumped over 43% to 100 million daily views (that’s roughly a third of the population of the US watching a video online each day). Continuing this YouTube is the number one for video streaming, this is because of the 43.5 billion videos viewed over the year, 21.9 billion videos are on YouTube. This obviously shows that video and YouTube specifically is a great outlet to gain engagement for your business as video is twice as engaging as a post with an image. A quick tip with this is to always link to your website, this will mean more clicks to your website.
The next tip I am going to give you is to consider the role of mobile, there are on average 100 million active users that access the internet using smartphones, with 60% of those being business end users. The time spent on social networks through mobile devices is relatively low only around 5% but the numbers are still significant. For example, Facebook found that around 423 million unique visitors accessed their site through mobile devices. Mobile devices are changing the landscape of retail sales. Shoppers can compare prices, read reviews and get real-time opinions from their friends through social media channels all while on their smartphones. Smart marketers will take this into account when creating content and finding ways to engage customers.
So these are some tips on how to keep your audience engaged, I hope that this was an informative read and you take this advice the next time you engage with your audience.

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