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Facebook Groups for Business Use?

Do you use Facebook as part of your social media campaign? More than likely you will do, but are you aware of Facebook Groups?   


Facebook groups is an easy to use tool embedded into the social media platform. Over 500 million people use Facebook groups each month for personal and business use.   


I have included a brief list below regarding some of the benefits that come with using Facebook groups, to help you decide whether the platform is right for your business.   




Creating a group on Facebook is a perfect way of communicating with your target audience and loyal customers. Use the tool to gather information on what they'd like to see you doing more and less of, Facebook groups will help you to gain more of an understanding of your audience and therefore allow you to mould your business around them.  


Cost Effective  


One simple reason to involve Facebook groups within your social media campaign is that it won't cost you a penny! A simple and effective tool to add to your weaponry that is free of charge.  


Customer Service  


Do you ever get your target audience/customers asking you the same old questions and asking for advice regarding your products/services? You can use Facebook groups to answer any questions your audience has to ask with ease.   


Sell Products  


Use your business's Facebook group to boost your sales. Post regarding your products and use this as a chance to show them off to your target audience.   


Test New Ideas and Products  


If you are unsure of how your new product may fair up against the current market, why not pitch it to your group members? Post images and behind the scenes shots of any upcoming products/services and ask your target audience what they think. You can also take on board any criticism to make your product/service the best it can be. As previously stated, listen to your audience, keep in mind their wants and dislikes.  




The tool is easy to use and free of charge, what's not to love? Give it a try and see if it fits into your current marketing campaign because as you may already be aware when it comes to digital marketing, trial and error is key to eventual success!  

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