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Easy CTR Increase

IncreaseD CTR

HOW it works

One of the most overlooked aspects of marketing on the web is forgetting to monitor and actively work to increase the CLICK THROUGH RATES to your website and landing pages.


What if I told you we can increase your CTR overnight and probably more than double it - increasing your website visitors and therefore getting you more conversions to order - would you not jump at the opportunity?


Well with our £30 a month package we can guarantee you higher CTR.

You want customers clicking your links - so make them attractive!


The basic principle is this - Social Media sites and tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite etc. all use URL shorteners, and you have sites like Bitly which came into existence just to shorten links for social.... but what does a short Bitly or Owly link with a mix of letters and numbers say to your potential customer - absolutely NOTHING...


What's more those links are doing nothing for your SEO as it's linking to their site not yours!

what would you rather click

So you have a couple of choices - carry on using Bitly / Owly or other URL shorteners OR


Use a custom short URL that you own which points to your own domain and is on a permanent redirect so you get the SEO value! And more importantly get a link that relates to your business and people WANT to click!


Remember there are 100's of domain extensions now - you're not limited to .co.uk, .com, .net etc. There are tons of options, examples being .accountant, .cafe, .cheap, .design, .flowers, .fish, .pro etc... you think of it there will be a domain extension to work well for your business. 


Imagine you are a seller of bottled beer... well we undertook a project for the Yorkshire Drinks Company last year and came up with the short domain www.real-ale.beer - this increased click through rates to their website by over 400% as the domain used said EXACTLY what their customer was looking to buy!


Why not give us a call or email and discover how easy and cheap it is to massively increase the CTR on all your marketing! Email : Simon@WSDPM.co.uk




Social media and digital marketing training

Need training in any aspect of digital marketing from beginner to expert - please get in touch for pricing.

We don't just advise on which domain will work best for your business, buy the domain and then leave you to it! Far from that - for our low monthly fee we setup the domain, place it on its own hosting, point the domain to your server, then the magic happens. Every time you create a new product or offer you simply email us the details and we give you a custom URL for each product or offer. Taking the Yorkshire Drinks Company example where we bought them the custom URL www.real-ale.beer they had a cheap offer for a product called XH558 so we setup a redirect for them from www.real-ale.beer/XH558 to a landing page especially for that product! Customers loved it and more importantly PEOPLE CLICKED IT MORE!!!


So if you have an eCommerce business and your landing page URL is something like :




Ask yourself would people prefer to see and click :




redirected to your actual URL - makes loads more customers click it!


Get in touch for a 5 minute chat and we can prove for a small investment you will definitely get more orders and MORE customers clicking your links!

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