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3 Ways to Use Instagram’s New “Go Live With a Friend” Feature for your Business​

Last week, Instagram rolled out another great feature called “Go Live With A Friend.” This new option enables you to broadcast in collaboration with someone else, which opens up a whole new world for Instagram Live videos.


In this post, I will talk you through three ways you can utilise this new feature.


1.Interviews & Q&A – Instagram’s co streaming feature is going to be great for conducting interviews with someone else, or for conducting question and answer sessions with fan and other influencers within your industry and your audience.


2.Collaboration/Joint “Webinars or Takeovers – A popular way for businesses to grow their audiences on social media is to conduct webinars or to collaborate with other industry experts to create content. Instagram co streaming can bring the webinar experience to the live space – you’ll now be able to work with others to conduct live sessions based around a specific topic, which can add a lot of value to your audience.


3.Collaboration Announcements – Speaking of collaboration, with Instagram’s “Live with a Friend” option, how fun would it be to announce a big collaboration between yourself and another brand live? You can grab your partner to announce your collaboration, and build buzz for the live broadcast.


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