Social media marketing requires commitment and the right content planning in order to sustain a strategy, end of the day do you want to position your company in a strong position on social media? You need to be able to benefit from the rewards that social media can deliver.

This blog looks at the top tips that businesses can not afford to ignore.

1. Content Strategy

As a brand, you must take the time to understand what’s important, interesting and entertaining to the audience in order to have engagement. Brands that have built large followings with a baggage of engagement have got to where they are through pure strategy.  The strategic plan addresses the audience needs & expectations. Furthermore, the social media plan will help you discuss the type of content that is being distributed across the different platforms. The software tools will need to be planned and which team members will be operating the software tools and which team members will be responsible for the distribution of social media content.  You will need to plan on creating a content calendar to help your social media operation cruise along.  The social media calendar also allows you to create content, and ensure it aligns with your broader strategic protocol. You may decide to plan your content a week, a month, a quarter, or a year in advance – in all cases, a content calendar will help you stay active on your channels even during the most hectic of times.

2. Brand Values

You need to ensure that the team members who are in charge of your social media content need to have a concrete understanding of your brands voice & the brands values. This means your team members understanding needs to be carried during replies to followers and creating immaculate social media content. This is crucial because if your social media activity presence is off-brand. t includes content an interaction then you might confuse your followers and accidentally push away your target audience.

Have brand guidelines where you can create a solid platform for your content and base the content from a template and expand on ideas from that. This guideline will include what types of phrases you are allowed to say or not allowed to say during your social media text.  It will include what the tone & theme of the brand should be. This should include consistency.

3. Be approachable

It’s called “social” media for a reason. Brands that come off as out of touch with, or uninterested in their followers, put themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Make your brand presence more than just a talking logo that promotes your services in every post-mix it up and give your updates the human touch.

Some ideas for how to do that include:

  • Strike conversations with your followers – ask questions or create polls to get them talking
  • Share glimpses of what happens behind the scenes of your business via videos
  • Introduce your team members through bios and/or video interviews
  • Share real-life stories about how your products and services have helped your customers

By making followers feel at home with your brand, you’ll gain their trust, and facilitate interaction with your company. Ultimately, that can result in more referrals, leads, and new customers.